Ripple Union Shop

We are offering a "proxy buying" service to the Ripple community. This means that if you can send us enough money through Ripple, we will buy real products and have them shipped to you.

  1. Find a product you would like to buy online.
  2. Email a link to the product you would like to buy, and your shipping address, to
  3. We email you back a quote (in CAD) for how much to send us on Ripple.
  4. You send a payment for the quoted amount to r3ADD8kXSUKHd6zTCKfnKT3zV9EZHjzp1S.
  5. We order the item on your behalf, and fill in your shipping address.

The retailer does not have to list prices in CAD, but if it does not then we will have to pick an exchange rate we are comfortable with. The purpose of the quote is to make sure you know the price of your item and shipping in CAD before your purchase is completed. We will not be charging any mark-up on items for this service.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide a quote for any particular product (for example, if the purchase would be illegal for us to make). Additionally, if your purchase is not from a major online retailer (such as Amazon or NewEgg), we will require a statement from you, signed by an OpenPGP key in the strong set, that you take full responsibility for any failure by the merchant to deliver.

We will attempt to check that the given product is available to be shipped to your given address before we make the quote. If we cannot do this check, or if the merchant gives us inaccurate information, and this later causes the order to fail, we will return your money to you, less a 1% fee.